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Proposal for Final Paper


Proposal for Final Paper

America Rivera

John Jay College of Criminal Justice


We all know what social media is, but how does it affect and have a role in politics? Social media is a space and a place where everyone can share their thoughts, interpretations, ideas, or opinions on whatever they want. Now politics, we all know what politics are but why do they take action and effect through social media? Is it a bad idea or effective idea for political influencers or leaders to use social media as a form of advertisement? Now in society social media is the fastest way for people to be informed and aware of a situation.

The reason I chose this topic is that I’m usually on social media whenever I have free time and usually I see criticism and opinion-based post. When I’m on Instagram I usually see people post memes. Memes are usually made to make a message using metaphors, or other rhetoric in order to be funny when trying to make a point. One major social media app which relates to politics now is twitter. Twitter is a place where many people up there or celebrities post their thoughts and opinions. I say they do it on purpose to either be judged or supported. 

Adding on to why I chose this topic is also because now twitter is a place where our president, Donald Trump writes on a lot. He usually places his opinions and posts them up on this social media app and as the president and leader of this country, a large majority of people will obviously notice what he has to say. For now, I won’t get into depth with this specific situation and topic on our president but there is a lot of criticism on what he usually has to say because it always discriminates against a certain community and supports the dominant one. This is one major connection and relationship social media and politics have. 

Also, advertisement goes into play when it comes to this relation of social media and politics because posting opinions and ideas as a political individual, attracts more people to support them or take their vote. For example, when a candidate is up for elections they obviously want to attract people in any shape or form possible. The first way they probably think of would be posting their election on social media because they know many people are active on it. Also, not only will they post it but their supporters will repost them as well and the word will spread no matter what. 

For this research paper, I will first search a few of the many different things our president has said, his supporters, and his opponents. I think this will be perfect for this time of year because elections are coming up for the upcoming year 2020 and president Trump, and the other candidates are trying to advocate and present their ideas to communities so they can attract the most people and voters. They don’t only want to attract voters but they want to attract people who are interested in politics and some might even shoot to influence celebrities because if a celebrity supports an idea of the president or a candidate, and they repost it then if they are very famous with may followers then it means that more people will support this candidate or leader.

Lastly, I believe I should first start with finding one major political issue occurring now and relate it to how social media has an effect and how our president is approaching this issue in today’s society. Some obstacles I may come across maybe word choice and the way I speak upon situations. For example, being bias, I need to put being bias aside and focus on the information and facts about my topic in order to answer my question because this is my country and I will obviously have my own opinions on the situations and issues happening. Finally, the question I will probably pick for my topic would probably be, whether it’s a bar or right to use social media as an advertising tool. 

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